Frequently asked questions


What is rungismarket.com and how does it work?

rungismarket.com is the marketplace for Rungis Market wholesalers, and the new digital gateway to the largest fresh produce market in the world. The service allows any professional in France to simplify and optimize their fresh produce supplies, while reducing their bills.

The service allows you to order all of Rungis' fresh produce in all categories (fruit and vegetables, butchery, seafood, dairy, equipment, etc.) directly online, and to receive the order in record time, with a single delivery and a single invoice.

The quality of service and its reliability are outstanding thanks to state-of-the-art logistics and innovative technology.

How do I create an account? How do I log in?

You can create an account in a few clicks by going to https://rungismarket.com/en/register, where you will be able to specify the information specific to your establishment and your delivery address (see TOS).

To connect, you will have to fill in the email and password you chose when you registered.

I did not receive the email to create my profile

If the email confirming the creation of your internet account has not arrived in your inbox within 5 minutes after the creation of your account, please check your junk mail / spam.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

You can reset your password at any time via the "forgotten password" link, visible on the login page, and accessible via the 'Profile' icon at the top of the page, also accessible via https://rungismarket.com/en/lost-password.

My account is inactive, how can I reactivate it ?

We invite you to contact our support department - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50 - in order to help you reactivate your account.

I would like to change my account information (name, contact information, payment method, etc.).

Depending on the type of information, you can make the changes in your account, accessible via the 'My establishment' section or by contacting our support team - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50.

My company is changing its name, what should I do?

We invite you to indicate to our support service, via email : rungismarket@califrais.fr, the new documents in order to update your account.

How do I add other businesses to my account?

To add other establishments to my account, please contact your sales representative.

How do I move from one business to another in my account?

You can switch from one business to another by opening the side menu on the left, opening the drop-down menu under your profile name, and selecting the school of your choice.

Is it possible to refer other people ?

You can sponsor other businesses once you have placed your first order. To do so, click on 'Refer a Friend' in the left side menu. You will then be able to share your referral code with the professionals of your choice, and benefit from the advantages indicated once the conditions have been met.

What are the conditions to place an order?

To place an order, you must have an active account and reach the minimum order of 100€ HT.

Until what time can I place an order?

With the exception of specific products, you can place an order until 11:59 pm the day before the delivery date (if you are in the geographical area that allows it - Paris and its inner suburbs; and a few hours less for other French regions).

I want to work with a supplier who is not yet listed on your site?

If you are already a customer and you cannot find a supplier on the site, we invite you to inform your account manager, who will forward your request to our catalog management team. If you are not yet a customer, please feel free to contact our support team - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50.

Is it possible to build a cart from an old order?

It is possible to add products from an old order to the shopping cart by accessing the order in question and clicking on "actions" then "reorder". You can also add them to a shopping list for future orders.

I need help to place my order, can you help me?

To place an order, you must be logged in.

  • Add products to the cart by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' on the product page.
  • You can change the quantity you want in the same place, or directly in the cart.
  • To finalize your order, click on 'Validate my order', then proceed to the payment.

Is it possible to modify an order already validated ?

You can modify a validated order via the "my orders" page, by modifying the quantity of products ordered as well as by adding or removing products to it, while respecting the time constraints of each product.

Is it possible to modify the delivery date of my order?

To do so, we invite you to create a list of favorites from the order placed, then delete the current order (if the schedule allows it), and finally send back the order for the desired day that you can recreate in one click from the list of favorites.

What is the purpose of a shopping list?

A shopping list is used to identify products that interest you, that you will be buying for a future order or on a regular basis to save time. By placing products in a shopping list, you will be able to find them easily and quickly.

How to add or remove products from a shopping list?

To add a product to a shopping list :

  • Go to the product page,
  • Click on 'Add to a list',
  • You can create & name a shopping list, or add it to an existing list by clicking on it.

What payment methods are accepted?

The accepted payment methods are :

  • Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express),
  • Payment by direct debit (via SEPA mandate),
  • Payment by bank transfer can also be considered, at the sole discretion of the rungismarket.com team.

What are the payment deadlines?

An invoice is issued every 10th, 20th and last day of the month. It gathers all the delivery notes issued during the previous decade, and is available on your customer area. This invoice is due upon receipt.

Can I pay in installments ?

It is not possible to pay an invoice in several installments.

Can I change the location or the delivery time?

To do so, please contact our support team - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50 - before 5:00 pm the day before the delivery date. We will do our best to update your delivery information.

Is it possible to cancel a past order?

If you wish to cancel an order you have placed, go to your [rungismarket.com] space (http://rungismarket.om/). Depending on the time of day and the time constraints of the products ordered, it may not be possible to cancel the order.

What are the delivery costs ?

Paris and its suburbs: 4.9€ HT delivery fee for an order between 100€ HT and 250€ HT. No delivery fees for orders over 250€ HT.

Rest of France (except Corsica): additional shipping costs calculated dynamically in your cart according to the weight of your order and your delivery address. Do not hesitate to contact our support team - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50, to find out more.

What are the delivery times ?

Paris and its suburbs: order until 11:59 pm for delivery at 6 am the next day.

Rest of France (except Corsica): Order until 11:59 pm for delivery the next day (D+2).

Can I be delivered without being present at the reception of the goods ?

Yes, thanks to our autonomous delivery service. To set up this service, your account manager needs to get the means to access your establishment (keys, digicode, alarm code, etc.) and the necessary instructions for delivery.

What are the delivery days?

Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday, except for certain departments, depending on your delivery address. Please contact our support team - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50, for more details.

What are the delivery slots?

Deliveries are made in 3-hour slots in the following departments: 75/92/93/94, between 6am and 11am (6am-9am; 6:30am-9:30pm; 7am-10am; 7:30am-10:30am; etc.)

In the rest of France (except Corsica), we guarantee delivery before 11am.

Do I have to sign a delivery note when I receive my order ?

No, except in special circumstances and at the request of the delivery person. The signature of the delivery note is done online on your customer area, available after your delivery.

Who is responsible for delivery?

Delivery is carried out by rungismarket.com's transport provider(s).

How do I request a refund or make a claim on the quality of a product?

Claims relating to products received should be made directly on your account, when validating the delivery slip. You can then indicate the product(s) missing and/or with anomalies. You can also report them to our support department available via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50, until 5pm on the day of delivery.

My delivery still hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Our online support is available - via the site's instant messaging system, by email: rungismarket@califrais.fr or by phone: +33 7 67 56 24 50 - to help you as early as 6:30 a.m., and will inform you about the status of your order.

Is a return possible?

rungismarket.com can decide to come and recover the product that is the subject of a complaint (see TOS). Please contact our support department as soon as possible using our online chat.

What are your SLDs?

Catégorie de produit DLC Minimum
Frais en sachet / colis 3 jours
Huîtres 7 jours
Coquillage et Crustacés 3 jours
Sous-vide 5 jours
Viande Fraîche en Vrac 3 jours
Viande Hachée 5 jours
Viande sous-vide 7 jours
Frais en vrac 4 jours
Sous-Vide / Atmosphère 5 jours
Frais en Vrac 5 jours
Sous-vide 7 jours
Terrine / Pâté 7 jours
Fruits & Légumes
Salade 3 jours
Colis & vrac 5 jours
Fruits rouges 3 jours
Champignons 3 jours
Herbes 2 jours
4e gamme 2 jours
Oeufs 7 jours
Sous-vide / Barquettes 7 jours
Fromage pâte filée (Mozza/Burrata/etc) 5 jours
Fromage pâte dure en Vrac 10 jours
Fromage pâte molle en Vrac 5 jours
Lait/Crème/Beurre UHT 10 jours
Lait/Crème/Beurre Frais 5 jours
Épicerie/Surgelé 30 jours
Traiteur 5 jours

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